Frequent ask questions

What are Soap Flowers?
Soap Flowers are soap made for long lasting, and more affordable than real flowers. If kept out of direct sunlight and moisture areas, soap flowers will last for years to come. It can be scent to a fragrance of your choice. We have 12 fragrance to choose from (click the link for more information about the fragrances https://www.sweetheartgift.com.au/fragrances. Soap flowers can be a home Decor to scent your space, a unique gift or peel out the soap petals to experience the new style of romance.

How long does soap flower last?
Soap flowers will last up to three years or more if kept out of direct sunlight and moisture areas. Please do not touch with wet fingers or water soap flowers. Do not spray perfume on Soap flowers, as perfume contain alcohol, it will damage the soap flowers. For best result to fragrance your soap flower, please spray oil base fragrances.

How does soap flower work?
Soap flowers can act as a decór to scent your space. It can be scented with oil base fragrances. It will last up to 3 years if kept out of direct sunlight and moisture areas.

Can I use the soap flower?
Soap Flowers are made for long lasting and acts as a decor to fragrant your space. It is not recommend to be used as soap. Soap flowers contain an ingredient (cornstarch) to hold all the components together. Therefore Soap flower will be very sticky on skin if used as soap.

What ingredients is in the soap flowers?
69.8%-Sodium Palmate
11%-Sodium Palm Kernelate
6.6%-Sodium Cocoate
0.5%-Palmitic Acid
0.5%-Sodium Chloride

How do I track my order?
A tracking number will be sent to the customer's email and phone number provided, in the next day after the purchase.

Will the Soap flowers break off while shipping?
Soap flowers will not break easily. We pack every order with care before it is dispatch

Do you deliver on a specific day?
We do not deliver on a specific date. We partner with Australia post with delivering our products. Arrival time of the item will depend on location and delivery method you choose on checkout. For information please refer to our Shipping information page 

Do you provide International delivery?
Sweetheart Gifts provides international delivery, but the customer has to pay extra delivery fee. We are not responsible for any loss or damage items while delivering overseas. Please contact us on info@sweetheartgift.com.au to arrange for an international delivery.

What is your returns policy?
Please refer to our return policy page